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Corgi Tumbles Off Bed [X]

I cannot stop laughing at that last gif. It gets funnier the longer you watch it.

rest in peace

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via ayy lmao.
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My boyfriend was traveling and we stayed at his place before I moved here. I started putting the girls all over his stuff and ruining his life. He was adamant about me not putting Jiggles in his stove.
Well I’ve been super sick so he’s been taking care of the girls. He sent me this picture of Jibbs on the stove to make me feel better :)

One of the many many reasons why we love this corgmama. 

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I can’t properly fulfill this life.
I spend my days counting scars or creating new ones,
wishing to be anywhere except where I am, while refusing to step out my door,
constantly praying for better days but always counting on rain.
There are bricks in my chest and knives in my throat and nothing is sharp enough to make the pain disappear for good.
I don’t know how to live.
I merely exist,
and I am tired of simply doing so.
— Katey Chrest (via thinly)
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This gif accurately portrays how I play any game ever.


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